Tim Conway as the Oldest Man on Ship Is Hysterical in Carol Burnett Show Sketch

Published Jun 13, 2024

The legendary Tim Conway, who played the Oldest Man, flexed his comedic muscles in another classic and hilarious skit from The Carol Burnett Show.

The Carol Burnett Show was a program that featured an all-star cast – Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, and Vicki Lawrence. The writing on the program was also top-notch, placing the show’s talented cast of comedians in zany and off-the-wall situations. Those are the two reasons – the writing and the cast – why the classic skits keep people laughing even decades after the show ended its run on television.

A clip posted on YouTube features Tim and Harvey as two slaves on a ship forced to row the boat as their menacing and unforgiving taskmasters keep a close eye on them. The sketch begins with Harvey sitting in the front row, who is whipped for failing to keep up the pace. 

Harvey states that because he has no partner, he’s unable to keep up with everyone else. His taskmaster’s solution to Harvey’s dilemma is Tim as The Oldest Man. Tim enters, and the laughs start immediately.

Tim slowly makes his way to his seat next to Harvey, who is already cracking up, even before his new partner takes his seat.

The Oldest Man introduces himself to Harvey. They shake hands, and Tim gives Harvey some information that would have been helpful a few seconds earlier. 

“Hi, I’m a leper,” Tim tells Harvey.

The studio audience roars with laughter.

Later into the skit, lunch is served. One of the taskmasters throws bread down at Tim’s feet and informs him he has 30 seconds for lunch.

Tim’s only option for getting the bread is to use his feet. This hilarious maneuver has the entire audience and Harvey laughing.

Anytime Tim and Harvey were put in a skit together, it was always a good time, filled with some of the most ridiculous situations and tons of laughs. This clip is no exception to that rule!

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.” 

Photo Courtesy: Carol Burnett Show Offic via YouTube
Originally published on GodTube. Used with permission.

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