Terry Bradley's Testimony
I didn’t ask to be a Christian!
I didn’t want to be a Christian!
To be a Christian was the last thing I wanted!

But here I am today, proudly confessing in print that I am a Christian.

I have returned to the Good Lord God after over 40 years in the wilderness.
In April 2006, while my wife was ill in hospital here in Tenerife, she was visited by people from the Christian Fellowship, who prayed unceasingly for her, both at the hospital and at the church. When my wife passed away a short time later the Christian Fellowship was a tower of strength to me, and to show my appreciation I decided to attend a couple of Sunday services to thank all the wonderful people that had offered up their prayers for my wife and for myself, and then to revert back to my former way of living.

It didn’t turn out that way.

Talking, listening and watching the Christian Fellowship congregation, it came to me that there must be more to life than the one I was leading, so I became a regular face at the Sunday morning services.
This led me to attending an Alpha Course, Prayer Meetings and Bible Studies and before long I found myself talking to the Lord in prayer. One of the Lord's answers to a question that I was asking was that I should open my heart to Him.
I tried this, but failed miserably initially, the Devil had other ideas; he had been my companion for so long that I found it very difficult to come to terms with what was happening to me. The name Jesus kept entering my mind at all hours of the day and night, and after much internal strife, personal problems, conversations with, and the help of Pastor Adrian, my dear friend Trish (who incidentally had introduced my wife to the Fellowship) and all of my new found friends at STCF, I finally had had to admit that the Lord had entered my heart and that I was a re-born Christian and that the Lord is with me at all times.

The Lord Jesus has turned my life around into something that I didn’t think could be possible. If he can do it for me, he can do it for you!


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