Who We Are

Introducing South Tenerife Christian Fellowship, Apolo Centre, Los Cristianos

South Tenerife Christian Fellowship has been serving the local and international community for 33 years in Los Cristianos. Over 15 thousand people visit the church throughout the year and many of them are new visitors who come for the first time. It has become a meeting place for friends old and new. The Fellowship Room is open and manned every day, morning and evening to allow times of fellowship and prayer. We praise God that we have seen many lives transformed by the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and many leave the Church thanking God for what He has done in their lives. The Church seeks to conform to the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith, emphasising the eternal Word of God and its relevance to our lives today. Situated in a busy Commercial centre along with a Supermarket, Shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Lawyers' Offices and Architects, we occupy the largest area on the top floor. The main church building seats around 300 with further accommodation in three rooms for fellowship and meetings an Office and toilets. The Church is prominent from the outside by its two lit crosses and large colourful boards mounted around the outer balcony emblazoned on them in English and Spanish the words 'Jesus Loves You'. When you are in Tenerife, look us up (see Map in 'Where we are') and come along and worship with us. We meet at 11 am and 6pm each Sunday. Tuesday at 6 pm for "Bible Study, Prayer and Praise" Thursday 10.30 am Men's Fellowship and at 11am Ladies Prayer Fellowship. We will be delighted to see you and we know you will be greatly blessed!

Church History

Sunday 5th October 1986, the first morning service was held in the video room of the Princesa Dacil Hotel in Los Cristianos. Fifteen worshippers attended that historic service which was lead by American missionary, Dan Maser; with his wife Betty providing the musical back up with her piano accordion. The video room could accommodate one hundred people and was ample for our needs, but the Lord had other plans for the church and soon the congregation exceeded the facilities that the video room could provide. Prayers were then concentrated on purchasing our own larger premises and a building fund was instituted for this purpose. Finally the Lord led us to a new development, on top of a hill, that was to become our new and present home. The Apolo Centre in Los Cristianos where we purchased one of the LOCALES(shop units). The memorable first service there was held on 6th October 1991 exactly five years and a day since our inauguration. This service was conducted by the then Pastor, Arnold Maughan, who together with his wife Peggy had been called to serve, when Dan Maser had moved on to establish a Spanish language Church in 1989. For three years, Arnold ministered, seeing the congregation grow from strength to strength. Late in 1992, Arnold and Peggy returned to the UK, to be replaced by Pastor Tom Reston and his wife Eileen, who were to serve the Lord and His church faithfully for the next eight and a half years. It soon became apparent that the huge growth in the congregation meant that once again the church was too small. In 1994 adjacent locals were purchased to enlarge the congregation to seat 200 worshippers and a separate room acquired to accommodate a growing Sunday School. However, the Lord was soon guiding nearly four hundred people to the church services. This meant that half of the congregation had to sit on the balconies outside the church, to hear the services relayed over a public address system. We needed to expand once again, but where could we find a property to accommodate over four hundred people? Our prayers were answered once again, when the property next door became vacant. The wall between the Church was soon demolished, with the final result, that we had a huge church consisting of four locals having been converted, with air conditioned comfort, into the present premises that we enjoy today. The Lord however, still had further expansion plans and under Tom's ministry we were able to acquire four more adjacent properties to house the Fellowship Room, Sunday School, Meeting Room and a Pastor's office and toilet facilities. The Church is now a sight to behold and well worth a visit. As our buildings now comprises a complete block, we are unable to enlarge it further, so to accommodate in comfort all those who seek to worship the Lord, we commenced, in October 2000 an outreach in Costa del Silencio, which is now itself a vibrant, growing Church reaching into the more residential population of that area. In March 2001 Tom and Elaine McVicar, who served with the Church for a brief period of three years, replaced Tom and Eileen Reston. Following their ministry however Tom and Eileen returned to oversee the call of the new and present Pastor and his wife and to work again with the Church in the intervening period.January 2005 saw the arrival of Adrian and Lorraine McBride, who pastored the Church until June 2010, we now await the calling of a new Pastor, to continue and expand the work of the Church, so faithfully maintained over the years. We praise the Lord for His blessings on the church since those humble beginnings in 1986.

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